Shoes for newborns to teens

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so important for children to have their feet checked and measured regularly?

It is important to monitor the growth of your children’s feet and get advice if necessary. Many foot troubles in adults are caused by ill-fitting shoes in childhood.

What is the benefit of going to a fitting specialist?

Every pair of feet is different and requires special attention. A fitting specialist can recommend the right shoes that are comfortable and will allow the feet to grow healthily.

When do children need their first pair of shoes?

When they are walking most of the day by themselves and want to walk outside, they will need a pair of shoes to protect their feet.

How fast do a child’s feet grow?

You cannot generalised. They grow faster in their early years but growth will not be at a regular rate, rather in spurts. Younger children can grow by up to 2.5 size a year.

How often should a child have his/her feet checked?

Very 6-8 weeks for infants and young children ( 0-4 years) and 10-12 weeks thereafter.

Do you have any other advice for parents?

If you can go to a shoe fitter, do that rather than buy shoes on line. Also, don’t wear hand-me-down shoes. No two pairs of feet are identical.